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Last coronavirus update - summer 2020

Thursday 5th November 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting our website,

Once again we hope that you and all the people you care for are safe and well and happy.Thank you again for your continued support.

We are very happy to say that things are returning to somewhere much nearer to normal with regard to your dental treatment. The practice has re-opened and Manny is seeing patients for emergency treatments that will not produce an aerosol. We will soon be able to provide all the services that were available before life changed so dramatically. It has been difficult to procure the ppe required and also to arrange fit testing of the new masks - all being well we should be up and running by the first week in July. We have already made a start on the backlog of routine examinations, booking them in from next week onwards.

Before you make an appointment with us, we think that you should know there are some changes we have made to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Things will seem a little different as we implement social distancing guidelines and some enhanced cross infection control procedures that have become necessary because of the way this virus is thought to spread. We will send you an email or letter before your appointment to explain more fully.
Before and after your appointment, in order to ensure your safety, we will be spending a lot of extra time disinfecting the surgery. The costs to the practice will, obviously, be greatly increased but we have made the decision to keep the prices of examinations and routine hygiene visits at the same level. We think that this is the right thing to do as a thank you for your continued support. However, because of the time costs and the enhanced PPE recommended at present we will reluctantly be adding a charge of £10 to your non-routine visits. This will be £40 for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) as current guidelines suggest an hour's wait is necessary before the surgery can be regarded as clean. Where patients require AGPs we will aim to clear as much as we can in one visit to avoid duplicating the surcharge. Evidence is developing on the use of air purification systems which improve the environment by removing and killing viruses and bacteria from the air. We have units arriving before the end of June.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you again at The Croft. We have missed you.